A DKR could serve as a measure of how well a large group understands a complex situation, and how well the group understands the possible solutions and the complications each solution engenders. Groups could use the DKR to help understand what resources each solution might require and anticipate that each will have snafus and complications. The DKR could show how each solution will engender new, unforeseen complications and opportunities.

Networked Improvement Communities can use the DKR to strategically plan stages of development and to create metrics to determine the effectiveness of their plans. Key questions for decision-making might include:

• What are the resources each solution requires?

• Are the snafus and possible complications understood?

• Is there a space for us to say, “Oops, we didn’t anticipate this”?

The DKR has to be dynamic. The dynamics of a DKR are central to its effectiveness. Key questions to study the dynamic aspects of a DKR might include:

• Are we able to analyze with coherence and sensitivity both the current situation and the changing and evolving state?

• How can we measure the collective IQ?


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